Adult Group

At IFFP, we believe that developing our understanding and experience of religion and spirituality is a life-long process. Thus, we offer programs for religious education for adults as well as for children.

Our primary offering for adults is our Adult Education Program which meets at the same time as our Sunday School. Our adult program has grown from an informal series of member-led discussions to a varied program of single session large group discussions and multiple session smaller group discussions that draw on the expertise of outside speakers, our clergy, and our membership.

The topics for Adult Education are announced in our weekly member’s bulletin and on our calendar.

IF you would like to sign up to receive our Weekly Bulletin, please email our Program Coordinator at




9-19-21 Adult Group – What Does ‘Back to Basics’ Mean?

9-26-21 Adult Group – Membership Survey Findings with the IFFP Board

10-3-21 Adult Group – What Do People Think of IFFP? – With Susan Katz Miller

10-17-21 Adult Group – “Back to Basics” Exploring the Language of Religion

10-24-21 Adult Group – Irene Landsman Discusses her New Book, “The Good Poetic Mother”

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IFFP Adult Group 11-21-21 – Permanent Christian Leader Search

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