Grade 2: Community and Religion


After much discussion in 1st Grade about the relationship between humans and God, the primary focus in 2nd Grade is on our relationship with one another.

Students in the second grade learn:

  • What religion is (relating to God and one to another)
  • How every religion is a community
  • What comprises community in both the Jewish and Christian traditions.
  • Some of the life cycle rituals (birth, coming of age, marriage and death) important to Christian and Jewish religious communities
  • What Jewish and Christian Communities have in common
  • What it means to be part of an interfaith community

Field Trips: To learn more about the Christian community (the church) and the Jewish community (the synagogue), our second graders attend both a Christian Worship Service and a Jewish Shabbat Service.

Music and Hebrew: The second grade class continues exploring music and movement and learning basic Hebrew.