Grade 4: Justice and the Prophetic Voice


IFFP Fourth Graders spend the year focused on the social justice aspect of the both the Jewish and Christian traditions.

Prophets: The students explore the idea of what it means to be a prophet—in both ancient and contemporary times—and they read stories, work on projects, and enact plays about the importance of the prophetic voice.

Literature: In addition to reading Bible stories about the Hebrew prophets and Jesus’ prophetic ministry, students also read two age-appropriate, real life 20th century stories of individuals willing to take a prophetic stand for justice:

  • Number the Stars, the Newbery award-winning novel about the Danish resistance during the Holocaust
  • The Christmas Menorahs, a picture book about a town in Montana that stood up against hate

Justice: The theme of justice will also include fairness, kindness, and the concept of tolerance.

Hebrew: The fourth grade class continues to learn basic Hebrew.