Kindergarten: Holidays


IFFP Kindergarteners spend all year celebrating the holidays of both faith traditions.

Content: Beginning with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the children learn about each major (and some minor) Jewish and Christian holidays and do a hands-on activity to reinforce their learning. Children also learn the stories (Biblical or traditional) that inform each holiday and experience the rituals that help us to celebrate them.

Music: Music and movement are an important part of the Kindergarten class, and the students learn some of the songs that go along with the different holiday traditions.

Hebrew: For Hebrew instruction, they sing Hebrew songs, and once or twice a month they play Hebrew games for 10 minutes.

Charity/Tzedakah: The teachers also place a strong emphasis on charity and acts of kindness and, at the end of each lesson, the Kindergarteners say the Kindness Prayer. Throughout the year the students put this prayer into action by collecting money for charity, and each spring the class makes a donation to a charity they select.