Sunday School Goals

Most of the teachers in our Sunday School are IFFP parents. And our parents have a strong influence over the direction of the Sunday School.

Below are our Sunday School goals–identified and prioritized by parents:

Preschool to Fourth Grade:

  1. Understand Judaism and Christianity and their connection with each other.
  2. Internalize values, beliefs, ethics, and justice.
  3. Be in community with IFFP/other interfaith kids.
  4. Become comfortable in religious services and holiday celebrations.
  5. Develop their Interfaith identity.
  6. Think critically about religious issues.
  7. Have good teaching methods/fun.
  8. Do community service, understand justice.
  9. Learn very basic Hebrew.
  10. Develop tolerance.
  11. Understand Israel, Israel/Palestine Conflict.

Fifth to Eighth Grades:

  1. Internalize values, beliefs, and ethics.
  2. Develop Interfaith Identity
  3. Understand Judaism and Christianity
  4. Be in Community with IFFP/Other Interfaith Kids
  5. Have Good Teaching Methods/Fun
  6. Develop Tolerance
  7. Think Critically about Religious Issues
  8. Do Community Service and Understand Justice
  9. Learn Very Basic Hebrew
  10. Understand Israel, Israel/Palestine Conflict
  11. Become Comfortable in Religious Services