Volunteering in Sunday School

(In order of priority)

Anyone working directly with children needs to pass a background check. (This does not involve going somewhere to get fingerprints.) See our child protection policy.

Click on the links below for the complete instructions, and to sign up. 

  • Teach at IFFP! There are openings for assistant teachers, co-teachers, lead teachers, and interns (teens). Contact RevBeth@iffp.org for more information.
  • Coordinate 1 Social Event for families in 1 class (3 hours for most events)
  • Substitute Teachers (3-4 hours each time) Be available for teachers to call in case they need a sub. You don’t have to say yes if you cannot sub that day. Curriculum provided. Background check required.
  • Curriculum Help (You determine how many hours you want to give.) Assist in editing curriculum.
  • Be a Hall Helper! Monitor the hallways, making sure children are safe as they travel the hallways.

For more information, e-mail RevBeth@iffp.org and write “Sunday School” in the subject line.

Volunteering at Gatherings

(In order of priority)

  • IFFP Greeting Table Through June 2017 (40 mins a week on Gathering Sundays) This is a sign-up for the Greeting Table at IFFP.  Ideally, this sign-up could be used to plan out who will be covering the table on what dates. I’ve also split the sign-ups into Set-up and Clean-up, so that families can divide the tasks if someone has to leave early, etc.  Rev. Julia has asked that each family doing the Greeting Table has at least 2 members present, so that there’s always someone to attend the table, as well as someone else to hand out programs.  She’s also asked that whomever is handing out programs wait until 10 minutes after 10 am to go into the Gathering, just so that late-comers will be welcomed too.
  • IFFP Bringer of the Coffee Through June 2017 (10 mins on Gathering Sundays) This is easily one of the most important jobs at IFFP. Don’t take your coffee for granted every Sunday. If you appreciate having hot coffee on Sunday mornings, please sign up to help bring it to IFFP. The coffee will be ready for pickup at the Dunkin Donuts in the gas station at 10625 Connecticut Ave, Kensington, MD 20895. It’s already paid for, you just need to pick it up at 9:45ish and bring it to IFFP. It’s so simple!
  • Film Adult Group for the Teachers (1 hour on Gathering Sundays) Set up tripod and video camera equipment and film the Adult Group Speaker. Must be available some Sundays for Adult Group.  The Sundays can vary, depending on your availability. Job includes setting up tripod and pressing “record.” Approx. 1 hour per Adult Group, minimal skills needed.  We will film as many Adult Group sessions as we have volunteers to handle this task.
  • Help Set up IFFP Sound System Through June 2017 (30 mins before Gathering and 30 mins after on Sunday) Help set up IFFP sound system when needed. This involves arriving half an hour early some Sundays and setting up the speakers and other sound equipment, as well as putting it all away after Gathering. You can also volunteer for one Sunday, just to give it a try. We’d like to develop a hot list of folks who know how to set this up, then the number of Sundays can be shared easily among the folks on the list. Approx. 1 hour in total per week or a one time try-out.  Pyrotechnics optional.  :)
  • Collect and Recycle Gathering Programs Through June 2017 (5 mins after Gathering on Sundays) Collect programs after Gatherings and place them in recycling bin outside Einstein’s front door. If enough people sign up, you can create a schedule with other families so you only have to do this once every month/other month. Approx. 5 minutes per Sunday. This would be a great job for a family with small children.