IFFP Care Team

IFFP has always strived to be a community that takes good care of one another: whether it be providing meals for someone who is ill, sharing joys and concerns during Gatherings, or visiting one another after a major life event. Through the years, IFFP clergy and community members alike have found ways to be present for one another during challenging times, life transitions, and happy milestones. We formalized this essential aspect of IFFP through the creation of the IFFP Care Team.

When Would I Contact the Care Team?

You can contact us for any reason, at any time. For instance, you may feel motivated to reach out if you are mourning the loss of someone dear, navigating an illness or life transition, preparing to welcome a new baby, feeling disconnected from others, or simply feeling like some additional support and/or prayer could be helpful.

What does the Care Team Offer?

We are here to be a confidential source of support and connection for all IFFP members. We can visit with you, help organize a meal train, provide interfaith prayers and secular poems, offer to share your news with the IFFP community, or just be a listening ear. Above all, we are here to meet you where you are and remind you that you are not alone.

How Can I Contact the Care Team?

We encourage you to email us at care@iffp.org. Please know that what you share with us is held in confidence unless you give us permission to tell the wider community.

How Can I Share a Concern or Joy in the “Care Concerns” in the Weekly Bulletin?

You can write to care@iffp.org the Monday before each IFFP bulletin goes out and ask that your particular concern or joy be included in the bulletin. This way, IFFP members can hold you in their hearts and/or prayers.


Along with Reverend Sam and Rabbi Debbie, the Care Team includes the following IFFP members who feel especially motivated to extend care to our community. 

Rev. Samantha Gonzalez-Block

Rev. Samantha Gonzalez-Block

As a pastor, I welcome opportunities for deep connection and conversation with people of all ages. Life is full of ups and downs, reasons to mourn and to celebrate. I want to be here for you throughout it all. Please feel encouraged to reach out. I look forward to all that we will share. See Reverend Sam’s full bio here.

Rabbi Deborah Reichmann

Rabbi Debbie Reichmann

Being IFFP’s rabbi is a continuing source of joy and stability for me, and for that to be true, it means that the community needs to be nurtured. I am dedicated to serving you as a source of support, a ready ear, and as a cheerleader. Reach out to me whenever you want to, really, it is never a bother.  See Rabbi Debbie’s full bio here.

Liz Ahmann

As a nurse and health and wellness coach, and the oldest child in a large family, I have lots of experience in a caring and supportive role. I am delighted to join the IFFP Care Team to be a resource for the community. 

Photograph of Heidi Anderson

Heidi Anderson

I, Heidi Anderson, care about you. Please reach out to me – no need is too small or too big. Background: My family have been IFFP members since 2015, we have two cats, and we live amongst all the beautiful Takoma Park trees.  

Brad Boekeloo

I hope to serve as a point of contact regarding “connection.” I can be a sounding board and/or bridge to IFFP resources to find connection. Since IFFP uniquely connects me to parts of my spiritual self, I’d like to help others who seek this at IFFP.

Larry Bostian

It’s an honor to serve on the Care Team. Since we joined in 1998, this community has supported my family and me with abundant love and care. Under Rev. Sam and Rabbi Debbie’s guidance, I hope to do my part in paying that care forward.

Susan Kaplan

Susan Kaplan 

The IFFP community has supported my family and me through some hard personal times over the years that we have been members. Now I hope to use my own experiences to support others.

Can I Join the IFFP Care Team?

If you are feeling moved to care for the IFFP community in this way, please contact Reverend Sam to learn more about how you can participate in or support the work of the Care Team. We also welcome your ideas and feedback as we continue to shape this new team!  Please reach out at any time. We are holding each of you in our hearts and are excited to be on this journey together.

Contact the IFFP Care Team at care@iffp.org.