About IFFP

The Interfaith Families Project of Greater Washington (IFFP) is an independent community of interfaith families and others. We are committed to sharing, learning about, and celebrating our Jewish and Christian traditions.

Founded by four “founding moms” in 1995, the Interfaith Families Project has grown into a vibrant, active community of approximately 300 adults and children, one of the largest interfaith programs in the country. The core value of IFFP is respect – for each other, for Judaism, and for Christianity. IFFP benefited from many years of leadership from both Rabbi Harold White z”l and Reverend Julia Jarvis, Spiritual Director, Emerita. Learn more about our history.

As a community, we celebrate, explore, question, and enjoy both religious traditions equally. IFFP members neither reject our religious backgrounds nor seek a new religion that is a mixture of Christian and Jewish belief. Instead, we believe it is possible – and desirable – to honor our distinct religious traditions and to share those traditions with spouses, partners and children.

Now in our third decade, we have grown to over 100 families from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. IFFP is a place where both Jewish and Christian partners can feel like equal members of the community, celebrate and learn about both faiths. At IFFP, we “teach not preach.” Read our mission statement

Who We Are

Our community includes those who continue to practice a faith, and those who do not. Many IFFP parents have chosen not to select one religion for their children, but rather to instill in them an appreciation and understanding of both heritages. Other IFFP parents have chosen one religion for their children but want them to gain knowledge about both of their cultural heritages. Read about IFFP in the news.

Meet our clergy, staff, and Board of Directors.

Read our community inclusion and welcome message.

How Our Community Supports Us

Our community provides us with a sense of connection and support that is a valuable part of our experience as interfaith families. Our children form lasting relationships with children whose families are similar to their own. We adults care for each other, provoke and challenge each other, resource and inspire each other, and find many opportunities to laugh together.

Members of IFFP can request support from the Care Team, Reverend Samantha Gonzalez-Block, or Rabbi Debbie Reichmann.

Learn about our Tikkun Olam groups.

Programs We Offer

IFFP offers many programs to meet the varied needs of interfaith families.

We meet two or three Sundays a month during the school year and host a few small group events during the summer. Our Sunday morning program includes a Gathering, Sunday School (in-person and virtual/distance), and an Adult group discussion.

Throughout the year we sponsor special events such as High Holy Days services, an annual women’s retreat, couples’ workshops, and community service opportunities for members of all ages.