Membership: In Person and Virtual/Distance

IFFP is a member-driven organization. IFFP members provide a rich community of resources to educate and lead our children and ourselves. IFFP welcomes families regardless of race, sexual orientation, marital status or religious affiliations. IFFP is self-supporting and financed entirely through annual membership fees, contributions, and Sunday School tuition. We do not pass an offering plate at the weekly Sunday Gatherings.

Learn about our Virtual Membership and Sunday School program.

Dues are based on gross family income and are per family. We do not exclude anyone due to financial hardship. Dues are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please contact our Treasurer for special payment arrangements.

To join IFFP, complete our enrollment form for in area residents.

Out-of-area residents complete enrollment for virtual membership.

New Member Discount

IFFP meets from September to May/early June. New or prospective members are encouraged to come visit us for up to four months for free (e.g., September-December), and then pay pro-rated (50%) dues and tuition for the remainder of their first year. Dues are tiered: member, sponsoring member, and visionary member.

What Members Say About IFFP

“IFFP has provided our family a home, where we can learn and grow with a diverse and supportive community.”

“IFFP has provided an opportunity for real growth for all of us. Our two older sons have been through the COA program, which was tremendously challenging and stimulating for them. I’ve been encouraged to take on responsibilities like teaching Sunday School or chairing the Worship Committee, that I didn’t feel qualified for, and they, too, have been occasions for growth, thanks to all the support and encouragement I received.” 

“Neither of us has ever felt more comfortable being part of a religious/spiritual group. Our son loves to tell people he goes to Sunday School. I must admit that I instinctively catch my breath whenever I hear that, but then I remind myself-it’s both! And that’s a good thing!”

“We like IFFP’s approach of looking for common ground, rather than destructive differences between belief systems.”

“We thought we’d have to divide our time between a synagogue and a church, for our daughter to learn about both faiths, but felt it wouldn’t do her any good. Finding that opportunity in one location is what drew us to IFFP. We look forward to learning more about each other and celebrating God together.” 

“We love being part of a community that teaches our kids about their family’s faith traditions, and gives then an opportunity to choose what’s meaningful for them as they participate in the Coming of Age program. Perhaps they’ll want to memorize a section of the Torah – perhaps not. At IFFP kids learn about religion and spirituality without pledging allegiance to one tradition.” 

“Before joining IFFP, we investigated liberal Jewish congregations. They would have accepted us, but IFFP is the only organization offering an education in Judaism where Jews and non-Jews are absolutely equal members of the community.”

“Regardless of the religious orientation of parents (religious, spiritual, atheist, agnostic), you still need to give your children a religious education. Where there’s a void, the void will be filled, and the thought of the kids filling the void on their own, is scary! IFFP provides a balanced religious education that works very well for interfaith families or families who want a broader religious education and exposure for their children.”