Interfaith Weddings

Are you looking for a rabbi and/or a minister who can fully support your decision to marry someone outside of your religious tradition? Are you seeking a rabbi and/or a minister who will celebrate with you instead of judge you? Are you hoping for a wedding that fully celebrates and supports you as an interfaith couple?

Rev. Samantha and Rabbi Debbie are available to perform marriages together, or as individual officiants.

About Our Clergy

Rabbi Debbie is happy to work with Jewish, interfaith, and same-sex couples (and any combination thereof). Her approach to marriage is universal as reflected in gender-neutral liturgy, modern and classic readings and a personalized mix of English and Hebrew.

Reverend Samantha welcomes working with couples of all traditions, beliefs and backgrounds, as well as gender identities and expressions. She is comfortable officiating in English, Spanish or a mixture of both. She attempts to craft personalized weddings, where the couple’s unique stories and styles can shine through.

Rev. Samantha and Rabbi Debbie not only support interfaith couples, but they also celebrate the joys and opportunities these couples will have because they are interfaith. They can help you to plan an interfaith wedding and to look forward to life as an interfaith couple. Rev. Samantha and Rabbi Debbie believe interfaith couples can help to create a better world that learns to embrace “the other” fully.

Photograph of two people on their wedding day

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Shir and Trevor

Interfaith Wedding Stories: Q& A with Shir and Trevor

Please feel free to contact Rev. Samantha and/or Rabbi Debbie to discuss your wedding plans

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Rev. Samantha and Rabbi Debbie also offer interfaith welcoming baby ceremonies.