Interfaith Couples Workshop

Interfaith Couples Workshop

Growing as a Jewish/Christian Couple

Our interfaith couples workshop is a four-part series for partners seeking to learn about life as an interfaith couple, celebrating both Jewish and Christian traditions. Participants might be dating, engaged, or married, with or without children.

The workshop is led by IFFP’s clergy, Rev. Samantha Gonzalez-Block, Reverend and Christian Spiritual Leader, Rabbi Debbie Reichmann, Rabbi and Jewish Spiritual Advisor, and Father Michael Kelly of St. Martin of Tours, in Washington, D.C.

We are also honored to be joined by author and long-time IFFP member Susan Katz Miller, the author of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family and The Interfaith Family Journal. Make sure to check out Susan Katz Miller’s blog, On Being Both, where you can find valuable stories about her journey in the world of interfaith families.

This series is progressive, with each session building upon the previous ones. It’s essential to attend all sessions for the full benefit.

The cost for a couple to participate is $350.00. Moreover, as part of the curriculum, we will be using Sue Katz Miller’s “The Interfaith Family Journal,” and you’ll need to buy a copy (approximately $16) to follow along with the course.

Questions? Call (301) 770-6337 or email.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to read the stories of couples who have taken our workshop in the past.

What do couples say about our workshop?

“The advice on how to speak to children about faith and religion was new to us and an important tool. The accessibility to religious leaders who have experience with interfaith couples was also a great tool.”

“I think the major benefit of the workshop was that it created a much more comfortable mind space or peace in us by allowing us to see similar couples think similarly and to see older couples who have succeeded in similar predicaments.”

Couples share their experiences on the IFFP blog