IFFP COVID Prevention Protocols

November 2021

Dear IFFP Community,

As we announced last week, we plan to begin offering Hybrid Gatherings and Sunday School beginning Sunday, November 14.  In preparation for in-person attendance, the IFFP Board and Staff have developed the following COVID-19 prevention guidelines.  

These guidelines were developed for the safety of all IFFP members–particularly higher risk members–and they follow CDC and MD Department of Health Guidance regarding COVID-19 exposure and attendance in Sunday School. The Board and Staff will re-assess these guidelines after hybrid Gatherings begin.

We researched precautions established by CESJDS and houses of worship in the area to ensure we align with local organizations. In certain cases, our guidelines are more protective than those set forth by the organizations mentioned above.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at boardchairiffp@gmail.com or info@iffp.org or miranda@iffp.org.

Thank you all again for your patience and we look forward to seeing many of you on the 14th.


The IFFP Board

 IFFP COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines


Masks are required indoors for all attendees above the age of two, regardless of vaccination status. Masks must be worn in a manner that completely covers the nose and mouth. Masks are optional outside, suggested in larger groups.


All IFFP Staff, Teachers, and Interns are vaccinated. With the following exceptions, we ask that you attend in person only if you have been vaccinated against COVID-19. 

  • Those who are not eligible to be vaccinated are welcome to attend. 
  • Children ages 5 – 11 who have not yet been vaccinated are welcome to attend. 

We encourage you to join us virtually via our live stream if you are eligible to be vaccinated and are not.


If you or anyone in your household does not feel well or has tested positive for COVID-19 within the previous two weeks, please stay home and join us virtually.

In order to ensure physical distancing is possible and to facilitate contact tracing should the need arise, we will have registration for in-person attendance. Although we will not be checking at the door, we do ask that you register ahead of each Sunday. 

We ask that people sit with their households, leaving three to six feet (or a chair or two) between themselves and other groups. Please avoid crowding while entering or exiting the gym or while passing through the corridors. Bathrooms are fully accessible – no capacity limits at this time.

Similarly, we ask that Sunday School students leave three to six feet between themselves and classmates or teachers who are not part of their household. 

Music and Readings

Given the unique risks posed by singing, our musician(s) will be permitted to lead us in song if they are masked and at least eight feet away from attendees. We will limit instruments to strings, percussion, etc. (no brass or woodwind).

Clergy leading the Gathering may remove masks at the podium if at least eight feet separates them from others. Microphones will be wiped down after each use and/or we will use disposable covers between readers. (Readings may also be pre-recorded by families not attending in person.)

Eating and Drinking

At least for the initial in-person Gathering, we will not be providing food or drink. If bringing your own food or drink, please eat or drink outside if possible or away from others if inside.


Please greet each other in a safe and comfortable way. (Hugging and hand-shaking are not recommended.) Please encourage your children to practice good hygiene with frequent hand washing. Hand sanitizers will be available at the Gathering and in the classrooms. 


If you or your family is diagnosed with COVID-19 within two weeks of attending an IFFP event in person, please promptly notify Miranda Hovemeyer by email at miranda@iffp.org.