IFFP COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines

This page will be updated periodically to reflect the latest policies of IFFP to protect our community in light of the ongoing SARS-COV2 pandemic.

Updated September 2023

Vaccinations (updated)

We ask that you attend in person only if you are up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters for which you are eligible. For all others, please join us virtually via the live stream.

Attendance (updated)

Please do not attend in person if:

  • you or anyone in your household is feeling COVID-like symptoms in the 7-day period prior to the IFFP event, or
  • you or anyone in your family has received a positive COVID test result. Please do not return until you or the family member receives two negative “rapid” (“antigen”) test results taken 24 hrs apart (the first taken no sooner than 5 days post onset of symptoms).
  • If you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus outside of the home and have tested negative on a rapid test taken five days after exposure, you may attend while wearing a mask as noted below. If the results are positive, please follow the instructions above.

Masks (updated)

As noted above, those exposed to the virus in a non-family setting can attend if they wear a high-quality, well-fitting mask (KN95, N95 or equivalent, from a reliable provider). This mask requirement remains in effect until the member receives two negative rapid (antigen) test results taken at least five days after exposure. For all other attendees, masks continue to be optional at indoor and outdoor IFFP events. As noted above, if you aren’t fully vaccinated, have COVID-like symptoms or tested positive, we ask you to join us virtually and follow instructions above.

Seating (updated)

We will no longer require physical distancing between family groups during the Gathering. We likewise will not enforce spacing among the students during class.

Music (updated)

Masks will be optional for our musicians. We will not enforce a specific distance between the band and the community. All members are now welcome to sing along with the music.

Eating and Drinking (updated)

We are working on a return to providing coffee; when we do, we will likely ask members to bring their own cups. At this juncture, we will not provide bagels, although members may bring food to eat with their families. The Board will discuss bringing food back to regular Gatherings in Fall 2022.

Hygiene (no change)

Please greet each other in a safe and comfortable way. (Hugging and hand-shaking are not recommended.) Please encourage your children to practice good hygiene with frequent hand-washing. Hand sanitizers will be available at the Gathering and in the classrooms.

Reporting (updated)

IFFP no longer requires reporting of a positive test after the Gathering.