Resources for Interfaith Families

The IFFP Clergy and Staff routinely update this page with new resources to support interfaith families. We invite you to explore these other organizations or references for enriching your home practice.

Resources to Create Your Own Services

A collection of outlines, prayers, and other materials to help you develop an interfaith service for bar or bat mitzvah, Shabbat, and other occasions. Check out our resources to create your own services.

Interfaith Family Organizations Outside of Washington, D.C.


New York, New Jersey


Online Resources

The Network of Interfaith Families Group (Facebook)

The Network of Interfaith Family Groups (NIFG) is a place for interfaith families celebrating both family religions to share resources and create communities around the world. To join, you must send a message describing how this description fits your family. Interfaith family communities are listed in the Files section. There’s also a file with contacts for people looking to start new groups in new regions. Created by Susan Katz Miller, author, of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family.

Resources for Muslim Interfaith Families