Our community provides us with a sense of connection and support that is a valuable part of our experience as interfaith people.

Our community includes those who continue to practice a faith, and those who do not. Many IFFP parents have chosen not to select one religion for their children, but rather to instill in them an appreciation and understanding of both heritages. Other IFFP parents have chosen one religion for their children but want them to gain knowledge about both of their cultural heritages.

Holiday Toiletry Drive

Support Springvale Terrace, an assisted living facility in Silver Spring.

Tikkun Olam Groups

Participate in one of three Tikkun Olam Groups that work towards healing our world.

Annual Women's Retreat

Relax and connect with other women at IFFP.

Teen Group

Join IFFP’s Teen Group for 2022-2023!

IFFP Member Projects

Life outside of IFFP:  What are our members up to?