Special Needs

We are ALL gifted, and we ALL have special needs.

Every year, we train our teachers to help all children get the most out of Sunday School. A professional special education teacher regularly helps in the classes and consults with teachers as needed.

At this point, we do all this within the framework of the regular classroom. In the past, IFFP has had a “mixed grade” class for students with special learning needs who were not able to benefit from the regular classroom. These students have now had a Coming of Age Ceremony and then participated in the IFFP Mixed Grade Teen Group. In the future, if there is a group of students with special learning needs who would benefit from having a separate class, IFFP is happy to create another Mixed Grade Class to serve them.

Please let the teachers and the director of religious education know what your child’s special needs are, and what works best with your child at school and at home. We want to work with you to provide the best experience possible for your child.