Sunday School

From Preschool through Sixth Grade, our kids learn about Judaism and Christianity in a respectful atmosphere that honors both faith traditions.

Coming of Age

Our Interfaith Coming of Age Program challenges our seventh and eighth graders to question their assumptions, serve others, and get to know themselves better.

Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam is a Jewish principle that challenges us to “heal the world.” Participate in one of IFFP’s 3 Tikkun Olam Groups that work towards healing our world

Adult Group

At IFFP, we believe that developing our understanding and experience of religion and spirituality is a life-long process.

Couples Workshop

Counseling for growing as a Jewish/Christian Couple.


Sermons, homilies, and guest speakers from IFFP Sunday Gatherings.

We offer many programs to meet the varied needs of interfaith families. Our Sunday morning program includes a gathering, an interfaith Sunday School, and an adult group discussion. Throughout the year we gather for High Holy Day services, a women’s retreat, couples workshops, and community service opportunities for members of all ages.