IFFP Offers Virtual Membership to Families Outside the Washington Greater Area

New members to the Interfaith (Jewish-Christian) community get their first 6 months free!

When Covid-19 forced the Interfaith Families Project (IFFP) online in 2020, we opened our figurative doors to families outside the Greater Washington DC area. In 2021, we introduced Virtual Membership for families who live outside of the DC area and made Virtual Membership free to new members for the first half of the year. This policy will be in place again for 2022-2023. At the end of the free period, Virtual Members will still have substantially-reduced dues (see below).

Virtual Members will enjoy most of the benefits of in-person membership, including: 

  • Unlimited virtual access to Gatherings, Adult Groups, special programming, and online content, including recordings. When visiting the DC area, virtual members are welcome to join us in person.
  • Discounted access to Jewish-Christian education for kids aged 3 through 8th grade (see below)
  • Access to IFFP’s Care Team, which provides support and pastoral care at the moments of greatest need
  • Special events such as online parties and games during festive celebrations
  • A stake in IFFP’s growth and success, including the opportunity to volunteer and join Tikkun Olam groups and various committees that steer IFFP, including serving on the IFFP board of directors
  • Member discounts for lifecycle events, workshops, high holiday services, etc.
  • Three virtual distance Sunday School classrooms: 3-5 year-olds, grades 1-3, and grades 4-6.  Each class meets 15 times throughout the academic year on Sunday afternoons at 1 p.m. EST. The classes include Hebrew. To find out about tuition and teaching opportunities, click here or contact RevBeth@IFFP.org. NOTE:  Virtual Member families receive a discounted tuition rate and parents who sign up to teach classes can receive a further discount.
  • Hybrid Coming-of-Age (COA) Program: Our 7th grade (COA Prep) and 8th grade (COA) classes are hybrid classes and offer virtual participation at a reduced rate. The tuition and further information may be found here. NOTE:  Just like the PreK-6th grade classes, Virtual Member families can receive a further discount on tuition, and teachers of all classes will receive an additional discount.

Note:  IFFP’s fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th.

New Virtual Members will pay no dues through December of their first year. After January, they will only pay dues for the second half of the year, listed below:

For information about IFFP visit our website or for additional details on membership, see our membership page. You may also register here. Have questions? Email info@iffp.org (general) or iffptreasurer@iffp.org (dues-related).

About IFFP

Founded by four “founding moms” in 1995, the Interfaith Families Project has grown into a vibrant, active community of approximately 300 adults and children, one of the largest interfaith programs in the country. The core value of IFFP is respect – for each other, for Judaism, and for Christianity. As a community, we celebrate, explore, question, and enjoy both religious traditions equally. IFFP members neither reject our religious backgrounds nor seek a new religion that is a mixture of Christian and Jewish beliefs. Instead, we believe it is possible – and desirable – to honor our distinct religious traditions and to share those traditions with spouses, partners, and children.



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