Join With The IFFP Immigration & Refugee Tikkun Olam Group to Provide Help to Afghan Refugees Arriving in the DVM Area


Sign up to volunteer.  Volunteer options available, include mentoring a refugee family, tutoring (virtually), and providing transportation.  Click here to register to sign up:

Provide supplies for refugee families (and take the supplies to a donation center).  The types of supplies include “Welcome Home” gift boxes, gift cards to grocery stores, backpacks and school supplies, laptops, and Smartphones.  Click here for more information:

Donate.  To provide a tax-deductible donation click here:



For more detailed information about Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area and current information on the Afghan refugee crisis, visit the LSSNC website:



The Immigration and Refugee Tikkun Olam Group would like to know how many IFFP families are providing assistance.  Whether you provide assistance through LSSNCA or another organization, please send an email to Adria Zeldin and state in the subject line what you are doing, such as  “___ family providing grocery store gift cards” or “___ family providing backpacks with school supplies” or “___ is tutoring.” 

If you have any specific questions about the Immigration and Refugee Tikkun Olam Group’s partnership efforts with LSSNCA, contact Grace Goodman.