by IFFP member Susan Priester, 2014

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house”, The Menorah’s still dripping and the dreidels are out.

The stockings are draped near the candles with care, The smell of fried latkes in our clothes, in our hair.

All in our PJs, some feeties in felt, Sucking on candy canes, eating our gelt.

So many traditions we try to preserve,
While our parents are thinking “How dare they?”, “Some nerve!”

But we want our kids to feel love, to know joy, So we meet in the middle, each Yid and each Goy.

We look to each other for tips and for tricks, Praying at least some of all this stuff sticks.

How we do it all is anyone’s guess, Especially in December, it’s a mell of a hess.

Now the Solstice is here, so much dark, so much night, But we interfaith families see double the light.