A Message from the IFFP Board & Staff

Dear IFFP Community,

We would like to add to the many statements made today by organizations about yesterday’s horrific attack on the US Capitol. We hope that all of your loved ones are safe and were not in harm’s way during yesterday’s events. 

Processing this experience will take time. How do we discuss it with our children, with our parents, our friends, with our neighbors? And what can we do moving forward to continue to support justice and peace, in both our immediate community and in the wider world in which we live? Take comfort that IFFP is an open-hearted, loving, inclusive, and respectful community of people of all ages, races, sexual orientations, and religions; and our Community Inclusion Statement broadcasts our values and beliefs. 

We look forward to being together this Sunday and creating space for all to find some peace in this time of upheaval.


The IFFP Board of Directors and Staff 



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