Interfaith Prayer for Our Nation

Hands painted like a globe with peace doves.

May the One who blessed our ancestors…

Give us the courage to face each new day,

Lend us the strength to stay the course of righteousness,

Support us in working for noble causes,

Show us the progress we have made,

Teach us how to persevere,

Hold us accountable,

Love us unconditionally.

May the One who walked among us…

Inspire us to listen to the voices of the vulnerable,

Teach us to accompany those hungry for food and for justice,

Push us to reform broken systems and ourselves,

Invite us to care for neighbors with bold compassion,

Help us to never stop believing that this world can be transformed for the better.

May this Interfaith Community….

Encourage us to love harder,

Reach out further,

Speak louder,

Hold onto hope,

Lift each other high,

And carry on side by side.

May it be so. Amen and Amen

Rabbi Debbie Reichmann and Reverend Samantha Gonzalez-Block, IFFP Clergy



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