IFFP Theme for 2023-2024: Our Living Stories

Our Living Stories

Embracing “Our Living Stories” in the Coming Year

As we step into the next chapter at IFFP, our theme for the coming year is “Our Living Stories.” We’ll delve into the rich tapestry of religious writings, including the stories that didn’t make it into the texts. Our focus extends beyond the past; it’s about the stories that shape our entire community, connecting us on a deeper level. These living stories hold invaluable lessons on how to live and love better. They are uniquely ours, reflective of who we are as individuals and as a diverse collective.

Let’s embrace and learn from these narratives, drawing inspiration from the past and applying them to our lives today. To prepare for this journey, take a moment to reflect on your own stories—from the past, the present, and those unfolding in your life. Together, in September, we’ll unite our voices to celebrate and explore the powerful impact of “Our Living Stories.” Who knows where this shared journey might lead us?

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