Embracing Advent in an Interfaith Family

Pictured here is the Anderson Family Advent Calendar that they ordered from Etsy two years ago. Hanukkah gelt goes in every pocket plus fun treats for the cats and other “stuff”. Also in a few pockets are biblical excerpts about light!

Growing up in a Conservative Jewish community, I felt like there was a particular “fear of others” so I never took the time to understand Advent. Why was that green circular thing with the tall thin candles so scary and what did it all mean? Even just the word “Advent” sounded frightening! 

After many years of being married to my Catholic husband as well as being open to the IFFP spirit since 2015, I have come to embrace Advent. I mean, hello, who can’t get behind Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love?! Those themes are universal! Pausing to reflect on them every December is such a gift – watch the video of Reverend Sam’s “Hurry Up and Wait” sermon from the December 4th Gathering (YouTube). 

What will you discover this Advent?


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